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HomeStrengths Technology
Our design and build services are a combination of human expertise and technology. This includes design tools, construction equipment and systems and controls. As the MEP and HVAC industries become more sophisticated, and as our clients grow more demanding in their search for safe, energy-efficient systems, we can only deliver value by staying up-to-date and providing the most modern solutions.

Design and engineering technology
Our projects are conceptualised, designed and engineered using fully automated drawing and planning tools. This speeds up processes during initial project phases

Project management
Using Primavera, we can allocate and track manpower, equipment, supplies and costs accurately, making it possible to improve efficiencies and avoid unnecessary delays and downtimes.

Building Automation Systems (BAS) and Building Management Systems (BMS)
We work with leading BAS suppliers. Building Automation Systems optimise the performance of HVAC equipment and alarm systems, increasing the interaction of mechanical subsystems. This improves energy use and allows off-site building control. Building Management Systems integrate electrical, HVAC, fire and plumbing controls. This makes our installations easy to operate and maintain.